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Where do I DNA parent verify my Sheep?

Only members of the Society in good standing may register sheep. Each animal submitted for registration must meet the registration/recording guidelines set forth by the Society. Additional documentation is required for all lambs resulting from AI service. 

A Certification of AI Service, signed by the technician performing the procedure needs to be included with the application. In order to avoid processing delays, please make sure that all ewe tag numbers, service dates and ram information are included on the sheet and signed by your technician. The stated requirement for the certificate to be filled out at the time of service is waived for 2018 lambing only. Breeding completed in the fall of 2018 for 2019 will require completed certificates.

As of 2018 there is the singular option for entry into the database as RECORDED stock, as there is only VBS semen available for the program and all animals born will be F-1 (50% blood).  For all submissions it will be necessary to complete the foundation ewe application for each ewe producing the F-1 offspring if the foundation dam has not been entered into the registry. For all offspring submitted that will be the product of AI, it is also necessary to submit a completed Certification of AI Service, as detailed above. 

All applications for registration must include the results of Codon 171 testing for each lamb. The Codon status is not a limiting criteria for registration, however the informaiton will be included on pedigrees to assist breeders in making future breeding selections.